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Lpu Ums

LPU UMS (Lovely Professional University- University Management System) is a specially crafted portal overseen by the IT Team at Lovely Professional University, providing students with comprehensive access to university resources. This platform encompasses various academic essentials such as assignments, academic calendars, timetables, and course details.

For crucial LPU UMS portals, refer to the link provided below. Through this portal, students can seamlessly upload and download assignments while also accessing the placement portal for invaluable placement assistance and guidance.

Lpu E Connect

LPU offers an exceptional online platform for Distance Education students, fostering seamless virtual learning experiences. The interaction with university faculty and officials is notably commendable, ensuring effective support throughout the educational journey.

Moreover, LPU extends opportunities for students to engage in placement opportunities, extracurricular activities, and diverse developmental initiatives. For login details just search for LPU E CONNECT Login.